Scarface Picture

The movie Scarface is an iconic film, and whether you like the movie or not, you probably still know a few quotes from it. Even people who have never seen the picture can be heard using its lines, because Scarface has crossed the gap between a cult movie and popular iconography. Because of this, wanting to own a Scarface picture is not limited to just the fans of the movie or film buffs, but also to anyone who wants to be part of the cultural reflection symbolized by the movie. Getting hold of a Scarface picture of any size takes you a little bit closer to the movie, and demonstrates part of your personality, as well as celebrating the film in its own right.


The Scarface movie, which was made in 1983 based upon a much earlier movie, has gained popularity in recent years, leading to a recent re-issuing of the film as a director’s cut. Some of these DVD’s have contained Scarface pictures, either as posters or postcards, and these have been sold separately as well. The Scarface pictures became very popular, and some of the rarer ones are collectors’ items, some signed pictures being equal to $100. Larger pictures can fetch even more, though it is also possible to buy photo standard pictures for as little as $10.00, as well as all kinds of other memorabilia, such as t-shirts and original artwork based on the movie.


Scarface pictures were released in bulk, so it is not surprising to see them regularly turning up in auction rooms and on the internet. They can still be bought with the DVD, and they can also be found in film memorabilia shops and collectors stores. If you are trying to find a particular picture from Scarface, then you may need to track down a collectors or specialist store, and even place a request for the particular picture. It may also be possible to buy these items cheaply online from film and fan outlets, as well as from online auction sites and personal ads. You are more likely to be able to find rarer stills from Scarface for less by this method, as sellers are unlikely to be experts, or to know the real value of what they are selling.

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