Features and Functions of the OnePlus Nord CE 5g

Oneplus has launched the brand new OnePlus NEX5G and is feeling the excitement! OnePlus has created its own mark for integrating technology with affordability and yet delivering the best of both the worlds… Yet again, OnePlus has delivered another innovative technology of its kind and successfully launched a very affordable, sleek and beautiful smartphone with amazing features – great looks and unmatched performance. The popularity of the Oneplus range is growing fast and with so many attractive features and unbeatable value for money, it is hard to imagine why anyone would be interested in other phones. OnePlus aims to change that by delivering a smartphone with every feature and design a five star luxury smartphone.

Oneplus Nord CE 5g for example, packs oneplus nord ce 5g an impressive list of features and extras into a small and sleek package. The first thing that strikes the eye is the fact that this phone has been designed for use on the go, in addition to everyday use. The dual-core processor ensures smooth and responsive performance no matter where you use the phone. Whether you are streaming music, catching up on your favorite TV shows or accessing your social media accounts, the Oneplus Nord CE 5g will not let you down.

The dual-core processor ensures smooth and responsive performance no matter where you use the phone. The phone also features a powerful Adreno processor featuring MSMG TFT LCD display, Super AMOLED Plus capacitive screen, capacitive Quick Panel keys, dual-tap and vibrate keys and a 6.2 megapixel camera with manual flash and LED notification. With the Oneplus Nord CE you get all the benefits of an enhanced mobile experience with excellent battery life and high-end connectivity features. With the Android operating system installed on the mobile, you can also expect to get flawless integration with your favorite social networking and business applications.

Oneplus has also incorporated the latest camera technology and equipped the Oneplus Nord CE with a 12.2 mega-pixel camera. You get a wide-angle lens with optical zoom and an intuitive interface for easy navigation. The camera also features a dual LED flash and OLP dual-tone sensor. The camera comes with a software download that allows you to upload images directly from your memory card or connect to your computer via Bluetooth to view images on the web.

For video chatting, the phone comes with the Windows Live Messenger as well as the MSN Messenger. The phone also comes with the OneSense HD camera, which enables users to take soft pictures. The feature makes it possible for you to take a group picture, focus on one person in the shot, while automatically cropping the background. With the Windows Live Messenger service installed on the phone, you can chat with people around the world even when you are on the move. You can also enjoy the fun of video conferencing with the aid of the Frontline compatible video conferencing module of the OnePlus Nord CE.

Apart from the camera, the OnePlus devices also support the Bluetooth 1.1 wireless technology for making hands-free calls. The device also offers a voice dialer that uses the existing connectivity features to dial numbers. The OnePlus Nord CE 5g also provides a high definition camera that offers you crystal clear pictures of your subject without any vibrations.